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Sugar Daddy Dating: What It’s All About

Have you ever heard of sugar daddy dating? Something that many people prefer to classic dating nowadays. It’s about getting what you want in a relationship while being able to do things on your own. It’s about freedom, financial independence, support, and having fun. Read this article to find more.

Let’s start with a definition of a sugar dating. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship when both partners get what they want and give something back. Daddies are pretty wealthy men who offer financial support to women. It means giving money and gifts like clothes or jewelry. Also, a man may cover a girl’s bills. He takes her to fancy dinners or goes traveling with her.

As you can see, this kind of dating is really beneficial for both partners. It's an absolutely new level of relationship in a modern world where you can relax and enjoy your life. You don’t need to follow any standards. If you've never been a fan of a classic story with family and children, sugar daddy dating will suit you perfectly.

Rich successful men usually don’t want to get married in their 30-40. Or they already have wives who are constantly complaining and talking only about their requirements. And beautiful young babies don’t want to become housewives and suffer from endless housework and childcare. They strive to enjoy their lives, doing what they want, traveling, having fun and having somebody by their side who will help to fulfill their needs. That is why they choose sugar daddy dating.

A sugar daddy and its meaning

In a word, it’s a boyfriend who comes with financial benefits. But it’s not a typical boyfriend that we all have an image of. He's an independent, mature man who looks for a “no strings attached” kind of a relationship. He usually needs a pretty and sexually attractive girl. A woman who he can have an arrangement with and discuss all the things that he'd like to get from her. On the other hand, they can agree on what he’s gonna do in this relationship and what a girl will get for dating him.

It's a clear and honest arrangement between two people who know what they want and are not shy to admit it. They feel fine not to live up to someone’s expectations or to follow society’s opinion. A sugar daddy is a confident man who can afford a girl of his dreams. Moreover, he’s a guy who respects women and treats them equally. He really loves to support and help them just because he's a real man and it’s in his power.

There are stereotypes about sugar daddies, but you need to know that the majority of them are a complete lie. For example, people say all sugar daddies are old and ugly, so all they can do is to attract a girl with money. But it’s not like that. There are so many sugar daddies. They are of different ages and appearances. Moreover, judging a person by how he looks is always a big mistake. It never reflects what personality a man has.

Another example of a sugar daddy misconception is that it’s only about fantastically rich men. There are different daddies with various levels of income. Some of them are really extremely rich, but others may have a more moderate financial status. Thus, every girl may find a sugar daddy who will fulfill the needs that she has. It can be a companionship on a luxury trip or a simple fancy dinner in a nice restaurant.

A sugar baby for a sugar daddy

Now let’s find out the meaning of a female role. Sugar baby is a woman who gets some financial support usually in exchange for hanging out together or sexual favors. Pretty often, it’s a young woman aged 18-30. She finds a sugar daddy who will give her presents, like jewelry, clothes, and other pretty things. Sometimes gifts are much more expensive. Usually, all details of sugar daddy dating are discussed between the two parties. As a result, everyone has a clear picture of what to expect and what they’ll get.

Sugar babies also suffer from evil tongues as well as sugar daddies. People say different bad things just because sugar daddy dating is something new. That’s why it may look weird and unknown. For instance, sugar babies are often regarded as girls who “sell” themselves. This is a myth. It’s absolutely okay for women to date men who care, pamper, and support them.

Why men become sugar daddies?

There are many reasons why guys choose such a form of dating. Let’s explore the most popular ones.

Men want no strings attached relationship

Let’s be honest. Men are hungry for beautiful hot women. A sugar daddy wants to feast his eyes on his woman. He wants to adore her and be proud to have such a beautiful girl by his side. At the same time, a man wants his own personal space. He doesn’t want to overload himself with family stuff and duties. That’s why he chooses to have a gorgeous, smart, and funny girl in his life who won’t bore him with her everyday routine. Of course, he'll support her, giving her the necessary things to make her happy or even let her dream come true.

Balance between work and a personal life

There is a problem for a big number of men who find it extremely difficult to combine a career and a family. The thing is that to become powerful and reach financial success, you need to devote tons of time to work. It’s not only time-consuming but also tiring and stressful. In such periods of life, men often have family issues that are to be solved and duties that are to be fulfilled. In this case, they may feel really guilty for not devoting themselves completely to neither of the things. That is when sugar daddy dating helps. Men can relax and enjoy all sides of their lives just the way they want it. Daddies have control over a situation and can manage their time.

They look for romance, mystery, and excitement

The majority of people won’t admit that many spouses get tired with each other sometimes. The fire goes down. A couple feels nothing towards each other, but they still try to save the relationship. Though, sometimes it’s too late to save. Sugar daddies don’t want to live life like that. They want their blood to boil. They want their fantasies to become reality and feel like real men who can get what they want.

What kind of a girl does a sugar daddy want?

There are certain characteristics of what sugar babes need to have according to sugar daddies’ opinion. It doesn’t mean it’s about all girls but there's a tendency about sugar daddy dating. The following can be highlighted:

Beauty. Men love with their eyes. That is why women's attractiveness has always been highly valued. Every girl is uniquely pretty. But it’s not only about natural beauty, but also a girl's cared-for look. Sugar babies usually know how to make their appearance even more attractive by highlighting all their advantages.

Sexiness. It may be expressed not only through sexy clothes or lingerie. It’s about a way a sugar babe moves, talks, touches her hair or her man. How she laughs or walks. It’s all in detail. She knows how to seduce a sugar daddy because that’s what her man wants and waits for.

Friendship. Don’t be surprised that sugar dads want to see not only a lover in his babe but a friend as well. Men need support - they want someone to care about him and listen. It’s not only about sexual intimacy but also about the opportunity to open up and pour a heart out.

What do sugar daddies expect from a sugar baby?

Girls usually understand that for getting financial support and privileges, they have to give something back. Let’s make it clear what sugar daddies want when go looking for a girl.

Respect to boundaries

Most sugar daddies don’t search for a wife or a girlfriend. They need a sugar baby who's completely different. A girl he won’t have a hard time with. He doesn’t want a woman who will expect him to call her every day and ask how her things are going. A sugar daddy doesn’t want to interfere with his personal space with questions, complaints, and expectations. He needs a babe who will be by his side when needed and let him do things on his own when he wants some space and freedom.

It’s not only about money

Of course, it’s clear, a sugar daddy is the one who supports a babe and gives her money in its various forms. But a good and smart sugar girl will never show that his financial success is the only thing that makes her be with him. A man expects to be respected and treated as not only a source of income but as a man she wants to be with. Many men even prefer not to discuss a matter of money. They just give it without any extra questions and don’t wait until a girl asks.

Considerateness and lightness

A sugar daddy wants to relax and feel free while being with a girl. Sugar babies shouldn’t burden him with their problems or troubles. Of course, she can share different things with him and express feelings, but it shouldn’t end up in the form of typical dating. If a sugar daddy wanted a classic relationship, he'd find a girl to date but not a sugar babe. He wants to adore her and be charmed by her mystery and deep personality. Don’t break an image of a beautiful princess!

Keeping his secrets

Pretty often, there are married sugar daddies or in a relationship. But due to their nature and instincts, they want to try something different. They want excitement, fun, and feeling like real men. For this reason, they find a sugar babe and spend some time with her in many different ways. By this, they just divert their attention, relax, get inspired, and ready to work on new projects and reach new goals. When a guy shares some opinions or ideas, he expects a sugar babe to keep it as a secret. No one wants it to become public.

Top rules for dating a sugar baby

There are a few things you would rather follow while dating a sugar baby. They'll help to maintain your relationship the way that would suit both of you. Here is what you should know.

Outline what you expect

That doesn't mean you should show your sugar baby a list of requirements on the first date. It would be a big mistake to behave like you’re superior and can do whatever you want. Any sugar babe wouldn’t want to be with you. But you need to find the most sophisticated way to set the boundaries and explain what you expect from this relationship. It’s never good to imagine things in your head, thinking she can read your mind. No, she can’t. Be soft and gentle but pretty firm when talking about your expectations.

Relax when you’re with her

It may be a bit uncomfortable when people meet each other for the first time. Besides, it may also be awkward when you're starting your sugar daddy dating and you're new at it. For this reason, you might not know what to do or what to say. The first important step to your successful relationship is to relax. You just have to stay positive and have as much fun as you can. Never think too much if you are doing it right or if you did something wrong. It will always be fine if you let yourself and your sugar baby relax and enjoy the moment.

Be realistic and honest

Sugar dating has many wonderful stories that often sound unrealistic. The thing is this kind of dating is so many-sided, that you can never expect your relationships to develop in a certain way. You may imagine many good things in your head, but it doesn’t mean everything will happen just like this. Be prepared for different outcomes, set realistic goals, and never lie to yourself or your partner.

Care about your sugar baby

Of course, she won’t be your girlfriend. And you won’t have to call her every day or worry about her problems as a typical boyfriend nowadays is expected to do. But still, you need to show your care and interest if you want to keep fire and feelings. Girls feel when they're treated with love and support. And when they are happy, they make their daddies happy too.


Sugar dating is a perfect way to build your relationship the way you want. Find your babe or daddy, arrange your personal life, and start getting benefits. Remember, all limits are just in your head. Break them and start a new life!

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