The notion of sugar dating has been rocking the world for a while now. While some consider it nothing but a mockery of the sanctity of traditional dating, others realize that there’s no room for blasphemy here. So, who’s a sugar daddy, and where can you find one? Read on to find all the answers you need!

Sugar Daddy Dating Sites

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What does sugar daddy mean?

If you think that the notion of a sugar daddy is a tribute to the modern world, you need a brief history lecture to realize that the definition is almost 100 years old. As far back as 1923, a sugar magnate Adolf Spreckels married a woman 24-years younger than him, and that was when the term came into being.

For decades, sugar daddy meaning in a relationship involved an older man dating or marrying a younger woman, with potential financial and other benefits at stake. These days, you can use the previous experience to define sugar daddy in relatively the same way.

A portrait of an average sugar daddy

Sugar relationships exist between two parties where one is young model-like girls and the second one is successful men willing their companionship. Who are these wealthy men, and what kind of daddies can ladies meet online most often? The portrait of an average gentleman seeking sugar arrangements has been created on the basis of their profile analysis.

sugar daddy and sugar baby

A popular sugar daddy dating site states that an average sugar daddy is 38 years old and earns around $250,000 a year. Other sources say that sugar daddies are usually 46 years, and 34% of them are married. There’s also interesting data that men from North America looking for sugar dates have a net worth of $5.2 million, while their number on sugar dating sites is four times lower than the number of sugar babies. One more unbelievable fact is that the number of men involved in sugar dating relationships is much higher than women: 6% of American men currently act as a sugar daddy or baby, while the number of US women having a sugar momma or baby status is twice lower! All these facts confirm that sugar dating is flourishing in the modern world, and more men get involved into this experience too.

How to find a sugar daddy for a mutually beneficial relationship?

Many sugar babies consider it a challenge to find sugar relationships and a suitable partner for them being unaware of the ways how to do that. However, first, you should set clear goals what kind of sugar daddy you want to meet and what you expect to get from him, and only then choose one of three places where to look for a sugar daddy. The most popular ones look as follows.

Sugar daddy dating sites

It’s a simple and effective way of entering sugar daddy relationships since you can see a full list of men filtered by location, income, and other specifications and initiate communication with them to attract their attention. It’s not a secret that such popular sites as Ashley Madison,, and Secret Benefits are considered the best dating sites for this purpose. The procedure of finding sugar daddies there is easy and fast too:

  • Register an account;
  • Fill out profile details;
  • Look through the list of men and filter out ones that meet your expectations;
  • Contact potential sugar daddies or respond to received offers to make arrangements.

Despite being so popular nowadays, this method has its benefits and drawbacks too.

  • Sugar daddy verification
  • Severe competition
  • Lots of sugar daddies available in one place
  • Ease of meeting a mentor
  • Possible scams
  • Possibility to learn some facts and see a sugar daddy prior to making arrangements with him

🔥 Top 3 websites to find a real sugar daddy

Every girl who wants to try sugar daddy dating once comes up with a challenge of what the best place to find a sugar daddy is. However, dating experts have already solved this puzzle for all gorgeous sugar babies. Catch a glimpse of the 3 most-visited online platforms and select the most suitable sugar daddy dating site.

Secret Benefits

Secretbenefits review

Seeking for a sugar daddy online, start your search on the site with over 400k members and more than two girls per one man by gender ratio. It focuses on mutual arrangements and has two main strengths: various features and a friendly and professional support team. Many options are free on the site, including a search engine with many filters, but some require money. Fortunately, the site doesn’t oblige members to cover monthly subscriptions since all premium features can be ordered for credits. Other unmatched pros of this platform are strict user verification, detailed profiles, and an incognito mode.

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The total audience of this platform for sugar daddies dating is over 230k, and most of these people have come to in search of transactional relationships. It’s free to register, and though men dominate this site, they never feel a shortage of female attention there. The matchmaking procedure is simple: search for potential matches manually or use different filters. The platform accepts reports on suspicious members and offers a wide array of features, including a secret album, admirers, visitors, and favorites, as well as trying private browsing or hiding members you no longer want to see.

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Luxurydate review

Wealthy sugar daddies are awaiting young and beautiful ladies on the popular Luxurydate website. 80% of its members are from the USA, and the total number has reached 800k people. Being one of the most recent players in the sugar dating sphere, it has been appreciated by users for its reasonable pricing policy, easy and quick search for perfect matches, and lots of details in profiles that help to make the first impression. It’s also a mobile-friendly platform with verified members and high-level safety measures for secure online dating. Users to want to stay anonymous can opt for private browsing, while men looking for more female attention can highlight their profiles and be displayed in the search results at the very top if they wish.

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Offline arrangements

It’s not a secret that the best sugar daddy can be found without the Internet help too. Ladies have many other ways to meet potential wealthy suitors in real life:

  • Attending events and destinations for prosperous people;
  • Walking in rich neighborhoods trying to attract men’s attention;
  • Asking friends and colleagues for assistance in mutually beneficial arrangements etc.

Naturally, the chances to find a perfect sugar daddy in this way are not so high, but they do exist. Therefore, this method also has both pros and cons.

  • Minimized competition
  • More meaningful and natural connections
  • Small selection of potential daddies
  • Painstaking
  • Time-consuming
  • Less effective

What do sugar daddies want?

Every girl who decides to find sugar daddy online is puzzled with the question of what he may really want from her. Naturally, not all beautiful women are ready for intimacy, but not all rich men search for it too. The analysis of sugar relationship made it possible to conclude what men usually expect from stunning young girls the following things:

  • Companionship: it’s not a secret that established men attend different events and want to be accompanied by eye-catching women there. Sometimes, they simply don’t want to be alone after a hard-working day, so they decided to find sugar babies;
  • Listener skills: it often happens that mature and prosperous men don’t have close people to share their problems with. It encourages them to speak up their minds to people they hardly know;
  • Communication: being always busy with professional activities and doing business, sugar daddies want light and funny interaction with attractive ladies. Therefore, they’re ready to pay money for a pleasant atmosphere and good company.
  • Intimacy: though some ladies entertain illusions that sex isn’t an obligatory part of sugar dating relationship, most sugar daddies come to such platforms for this experience first of all. Naturally, there are exceptions when potential sugar babies may meet men for platonic affairs only, but this percentage isn’t very big and is surely a minority. 

Do sugar daddies want a relationship?

There are wealthy men who may admit having long-term relationships with ladies who are sugar and appeal to them much, but more daddies want to get separate dates without any obligations. Even if a man is interested in regular companionship and pays a monthly or weekly allowance to a girl, there are little chances that this romance will develop into something serious.

Sugar daddy dating
Sugar daddy dating

What is the perfect sugar baby image?

Sugar daddies meaning and vision of a perfect sugar baby vary. However, there are 3 main traits that many are interested in, they’re the following:

  • Student
  • Girl from a foreign country
  • Easy-going lady

Since a sugar daddy sugar baby relationship isn’t quite formal, there’s little room for commitment. Thus, college students seem to fit the category. Also, many young girls from all over the globe head to the most prominent countries in search of a better life. These girls tend to have lower expectations when it comes to life in a foreign country, so it’s a lot easier to surprise them and win their favor. Lastly, no one would like to spend their time and means on an unfriendly and grumpy person, even if she has the face and body of an ancient Goddess.

How does sugar dating work?

Now, when you’re familiar with sugar daddy meaning, you need a clearer view of how the whole industry works. Some people intentionally describe sugar daddy sites as a mere coverup for good old prostitution. But the truth is far from being that naughty.

A person who joins a sugar daddy website, be it a man or a woman, has a clear plan in mind. They register with any definite service to either buy or sell something so that sugar dating is more of a mutual companionship rather than anything else. While a wealthy daddy can offer a sugar baby financial freedom, the baby, in return, offers support, comfort, and pleasant time-spending.

Which benefits does sugar dating offer?

It’s not enough to know how to find a sugar daddy, since all it takes is to register with a dating platform that’s on the top of the list in the industry. The rule applies to potential sugar daddies interested in young and beautiful sugar babies. You need to realize precisely what’s in there for you. There are certain perks that most people involved with the field point out.

sugar dating lifestyle
sugar dating lifestyle

Mutual assistance

While a sugar baby can make great company, the daddy can help her solve any financial matters she has to deal with. The companionship is a win-win union, and most people claim it to be the primary advantage of the relationship.

No drawbacks in sight

There’s no need to go out and visit the partner’s parents or burden one another with your daily chores and worries. There’s a mutual agreement between you upon what you do and what you get in return. Such an approach simplifies matters greatly. Even if you start feeling for one another, the matter doesn’t change.

Possible polygamy

Unlike in the case of traditional dating, you can meet with other partners when involved in sugar dating. At times, the sugar daddy doesn’t request more regular meetings than once a couple of weeks. So, it means you can spend some quality time with other daddies if you want.

Easy breakups

Either a sugar daddy or baby may end the relationship at any time with no hard feelings involved. If you have other perspectives in mind, you simply discuss them with the partner and move on with your lives.

How does a sugar daddy relationship work?

Sugar daddies and sugar babies enter this type of relationship, each with his or her own goal. Established men look for entertaining experiences with model-like girls beside them, while young and beautiful girls wish to get financial benefits and try luxurious life in their company. 

When a sugar daddy finds a girl he likes, he contacts her to negotiate the conditions of this romance. Both parties share their expectations from this communication and announce things they find unacceptable. If each of them agrees on that, they set up a date and spend time together. 

Since sugar relationship can be of different types, some of them may finish immediately after the first date while others may repeat again and even become regular. In this case, men take some responsibility for ladies and are obliged to pay them a weekly or monthly allowance to support them. Some mature guys even become mentors for pretty girls and share not only money but also valuable knowledge with them. 

A sugar baby is often not only an attractive companion and an interesting interlocutor. The majority of men wish to get from ladies more and ask for intimacy. However, if a lady isn’t ready for that, she can explain her opinion and discuss that with her potential daddy. Some guys agree to start platonic relationships and postpone sex for later or even refuse it.

Young sugar baby with her daddy
Young sugar baby with her daddy

What do sugar daddies look for in a girl?

Sugar dating is a unique type of relationship, so men may be not interested in qualities important for potential wives or girlfriends. They look for something different, and the most frequent requirements to sugar babies are limited to the following:

  • Pleasure of communication: a girl should be able to support different topics and be intelligent enough to speak correctly.
  • Good listening skills and readiness to support: these men lack care and want to feel needed as well as have a person to share their problems with.
  • Fun and ease of relationships without extra requirements: established men don’t enter long-lasting romances being tired of demands and reproaches from ladies, so they want sugar arrangements to be light and fun.
  • Emotional connection: it’s always important to have a person to understand you, so many wealthy men try to find such a companion among sugar babies.
  • Attractive appearance: it seems natural that a girl should look great to please the eye and make others envy.
  • High-quality sex: good intimate life matters a lot for men, so they want girls with some experience and desire to experiment.

As you can see, sugar daddy dating doesn’t require much from ladies, but they should cope at least with these expectations well since entrepreneurial men won’t waste money for anything!

Final words

The notion of sugar dating spreads all over the globe so rapidly due to its undeniable perks. You get most of the benefits that regular dating offers and get even more in return, without any negativity attached.

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