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Any successful, dazzling girl sometimes asks herself — how to become a sugar baby? It’s obvious you would want to test your femininity and appearance and also earn on it if you’re young and single. But the pathway to becoming a sugar baby is full of tricks and requires some guidance. This is why we have you covered with our breakdown, so you just scroll down, pick your perfect website and read the beginner’s guide.

Pick the Best Sugar Baby Website for Beginners

We’ve picked and tested the most emerging sugar dating sites around to give you the best. Here are some reputable and reasonably priced domains that usually provide the most unforgettable experience to newcomers:

  • Secret Benefits — The site has a 4.4/5 rating on Trustpilot and claims to have facilitated over 15 million sugar relationships. Here, a sugar baby can send and receive messages, view private photos, and see sugar daddies who viewed their profiles. Prices start at $79/month, with discounts for longer-term memberships.
  • SugarDaddy.com — This dating site connects sugar babies with sugar daddies, with over 1 million members. Basic membership is free, but premium options start at $50/month and include features like unlimited messaging, advanced search options, and priority customer support. The site emphasizes safety and privacy for its members.
  • Ashley Madison — This site gained notoriety for its focus on extramarital affairs and has over 7 million members worldwide. Membership starts at $69 for 100 credits, with additional credits available for purchase. The site offers a range of features, including private photo sharing, chat rooms, and travel perks.
  • WhatsYourPrice — A unique dating platform that allows sugar babies to bid on dates with attractive and wealthy partners. Over 3 million members worldwide, with bids starting at $5. Premium membership starts at $49/month.
  • OurSecret — A discreet dating site for more advanced sugar babies with low competition. Claims to have over 1 million members worldwide. Membership starts at $39.99/month and includes features like private photo sharing and message encryption.
  • LuxuryDate — Еhe exclusive dating service that offers personalized matchmaking services for successful and wealthy individuals, with a focus on privacy and discretion. Membership fees start at $25,000 and include access to a personal matchmaker, pre-screened introductions, and ongoing relationship coaching!
Perfect sugar baby
Perfect sugar baby

8 steps to become a sugar baby

Usually, saying I want to be a sugar baby is halfway to success! The usual procedure of becoming a perfect sugar baby is pretty simple—anyone can make a sugar baby. However, some subtleties require a lot of psychological readiness.

  • Choose a dating website. You must pick the best sugar daddy dating sites that fit your requirements. Try Ashley Madison if you want more choices and OurSecret if you already know what you want.
  • Prepare your very best pictures for the public gallery. Daddies who run into your profile would evaluate you by the bio as well, but your appearance and good shots are also very important.
  • Prepare the most exclusive pictures for the private gallery. You should have something that will provoke the interest of sugar daddies, something more you can offer, maybe even riskier than your public pictures.
  • Fill out your profile. Note your intentions and your taboos, and also what you can offer a sugar daddy. Make it highly clear and intriguing.
  • Use filters to comb through the user base. Your odds would grow if you shoot an arrow to the right aim—on sugar baby websites you can filter through profiles and find daddies you make a good match for.
  • Analyze daddies’ profiles as well. Read profiles of sugar daddies to understand what they look for—maybe you could polish your profile and tailor it to their needs to be a sugar baby they’re looking for.
  • Strike. Reach out to sugar daddies if you haven’t received any messages yet, or if you have—carry on a fascinating conversation, you should put in some effort.
  • Negotiate. They know what they want from you, and you know what you want—there’s no reason to be humble, so stay transparent with your requirements and set the terms and the pricing.

Working tips on how to be a sugar baby for beginners

When you find sugar daddy online, your euphoria can soon turn into despair if you have no idea how actually to communicate with wealthy sponsors to make money. Here are some tips on how to revieve money from sugar daddy by being a rock-star sugar baby.

Be a mystery 

Easier to say than to implement, huh? The key to this tip is that you, as a sugar baby, should bring some intrigue to the relationship. Roughly, you will have to “entertain” your sugar daddy until he’s entirely into you. It can be accomplished by at least being a sugar baby that couldn’t be predicted.

Girl that becomes a sugar baby
Girl that becomes a sugar baby

Have a unique selling proposition of yours

You’re not an item, we got it, but in the competition, you should stand out if you want great results. What can you offer that other babies cannot? Probably, a very stunning look, or a body, or maybe you’re a fascinating companion and have a talent for telling stories? Make it play into your hands.

Find out what he really wants

Finally, understand that sugar daddies—like any other sensible person—don’t want just to give money to young girls. What’s in it for them? If you want to know how to be a perfect sugar baby that always succeeds, you should find out why a sugar daddy you’re chatting with wants you—most frequently, they strive to run from a monotonous marriage.

4 vital things to know before you become a sugar baby

What to know before you’re an actual sugar baby? Let’s scour through the basic rules.

  • Consider your safety. You should not trust every person you meet online—their having your intimate pictures may lead to blackmailing. Be sure you’re safe, and don’t be embarrassed to ask a daddy to verify his identity and income.
  • Make sure you agree with the price. He wants you to do something for him, and you set the rate. If you disagree with the offered sugar baby allovance—bring it up and settle your rate. Don’t worry if it repels the daddy.
  • Settle the length of your relationship. How much time do you want to spend with him? Make sure these relationships become your full-time job, which has to be negotiated in the first place.
  • Clarify the taboos. Finally, you both have to be aware of the requirements of each other. If you don’t want intimacy to be included or don’t want to meet or travel with him on vacations—it’s to be clarified;

Conclusion: is it challenging to be a sugar baby?

To become a sugar baby is challenging but rewarding. If you find out you’re into it and examine all aspects, subtleties, and tricks, you will succeed, which may bring you a hell of money! But you should always consider safety first because no risk is worth your privacy.


How to become a sugar baby without meeting?

If you want only to date a sugar daddy online, make sure you, first of all, note it in your profile description and clarify with a sugar daddy. If you haven’t found an online sponsor yet—you should use filters on the websites.

How to safely become a sugar baby?

Safety is the #1 concern, so you should be aware of scammers. Don’t send intimate pictures and require income verification proof from every partner. 

How to become a sugar baby to a sugar momma?

No different from becoming a sugar baby to a sugar daddy, you should sign up on a dating website, like those from our list, and filter women’s profiles down there. Then follow the instructions above.

How much can you make as a sugar baby?

Depends on the country, state, and you, but you can be sure you make over $1,000 monthly. If you’re very dedicated and smart enough, you can hit up to $5,000.

Are sugar babies legal?

Since there’s nothing about prostitution, it’s 100% legal. No state prohibits sponsorship. However, pay attention to the sums you receive, which may lead to huge taxes.

What does a sugar baby do?

A sugar baby does whatever she wants as soon as she’s comfortable. What a sugar baby can’t do is be forced to do something she doesn’t want to. As a baby, you offer your companionship, escort, presence on vacations, or intimacy in some cases.

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