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When you hear the notion ‘sugar baby,’ you probably imagine a model-like girl, but not only women decide to try luxurious life at someone’s expense. It’s not surprising to meet male sugar babies nowadays since many prosperous women want the attention of handsome men, and you can also meet a sugar daddy looking for boy. In any case, the demand for such sugar babies is growing, so the number of guys who want to become a male sugar baby increases too. Therefore, it’s necessary to clarify who those men are, why they do that, and what the best male sugar baby website is to find wealthy partners!

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There are enough reliable male sugar baby apps, but before you choose the site to join, learn more about an average sugar baby male by gender and find out tips that will help you to achieve success in this sphere.

Who is a male sugar baby?

It’s a young and handsome man in his 20s-30s who knows the secrets of charming women and beautiful courtship and doesn’t mind the companionship of older women and men. Of course, he starts this type of arrangement to provide and get a mutual benefit. 

Sometimes male sugar babies are mixed with sugar cubs, but these are different terms described below. 

The man who became sugar baby
Handsome male sugar baby

Top sugar daddy websites for guys

Looking for ways how to become a male sugar baby, one of the key points to success is to register on the right website. Fortunately, you can choose from the top 3 platforms that are very popular with male sugar babies.

Secret Benefits

It’s one of the leading sugar dating sites with around 100k weekly visits. Launched in 2015, it’s a mobile-friendly online destination for wealthy individuals who want to enter mutually beneficial relationships. It’s free for sugar babies and has a diverse functionality to make the most of online dating.


It’s a great dating platform for singles who want to experience a sugar lifestyle. The sign-up process takes only 2 minutes, and users from 4 countries, including the USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia, can join. The site is free for sugar babies and features a high-quality and professional interface for quick arrangements.


This is an exclusive platform launched for cougars and their younger companions that features over 130k visits a month. It has an anonymous mode to keep privacy, and you can see who viewed your profile too. 

Why do men become sugar babies?

There’s no one right answer to the question: what encourages confident and attractive men to look for mutual friendship and agree to closer relationships with older women and men? Therefore, we decided to ask 3 male sugar babies about that and received three different responses.

Man 1: I had several traditional relationships, but constant control of my partners and some frames restricted my freedom. Therefore, I decided to try what an NSA relationship is when you aren’t obliged to do anything if you don’t want to. This is how I entered the world of sugar dating and became a male sugar baby.

Man 2: I’ve always been attracted to mature women who have more sexual experience and know what men really need. Sugar dating helped to make my utmost desires come true. Why should you lose an opportunity to spend time with such a woman if she takes care of herself, looks luxurious, and even rewards you for this guilty pleasure? Having visited several dates, I realized that’s what I lacked before!

Man 3: To tell the truth, I followed the example of my college friend. Having changed several jobs that brought about almost nothing, I decided to try a posh life with fancy restaurants and luxurious hotels, thanks to a generous lady. Now she helps me to pay for my tuition, and I always ask her for advice when I need to make an important decision.

Sugar momma
Pretty sugar momma

What’s the difference between a male sugar baby and a sugar cub?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a sugar dating dictionary to clarify the difference between a male sugar baby and a sugar cub. However, the experience of many people and explanations of dating experts make it possible to distinguish these terms.

A sugar baby is a man who enters mutually beneficial relationships and agrees to meet some conditions discussed with a potential sugar momma or sugar daddy. These can be any type of transactional arrangement with a partner of any age, gender, and status.

A sugar cub is usually a person who dates older women in their late 40s-50s called cougars, and a key component of such a romance is intimacy. If sugar mommas and daddies usually provide financial support to their partners, cougars may do that, but it’s rather an exception to the rule.

Tips on how to be a good male sugar baby

Not only should sponsors look for places where they can find perfect sugar baby, the last ones should also develop and work on themselves to become worthy partners. These simple but effective tips will help you:

  • Learn the peculiarities of sugar dating relationships and ways how to impress a successful partner;
  • Make investments in your appearance and always look neat, good-looking, and smell great;
  • Discover interesting topics to discuss and be careful to understand when it’s time to listen and when you should initiate a talk to make the conversation vivid;
  • Flirt actively and make compliments;
  • Ask what your companion wants to get from this affair, and consider how you can fulfill that.

Advice on finding a sugar momma or daddy

To find sugar daddy or momma, you must keep several things in mind. 

  • Choose the best site with a bigger audience and mentors in your area;
  • Make your profile appealing to potential suitors;
  • Take the initiative and send messages to mommas and daddies you like;
  • Set clear red lines if you have any;
  • Be aware of scammers and learn their features to protect yourself.

Of course, you can meet a wealthy partner offline by visiting luxurious places and resorts, but the chances are much lower, unfortunately.

Male sugar baby and sugar momma
Sugar momma with male sugar baby


Thanks to a good selection of sugar baby apps for guys, now it’s easy to become a male sugar baby and enjoy relationships with mature partners. If you desire to try what it’s like, choose a platform to find a sponsor, start making connections and get that benefit you’ve always wanted.

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