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For successful people, it’s the easiest way to find a reliable partner who will fully understand the terms of the arrangement. To protect their interests and ensure that their demands are met in full, people interested in such arrangements often use a sugar daddy contract to specify the terms of the agreement. Read on if you want to learn what terms and conditions should be mentioned in such a contract and whether it could be legally binding.

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Why sugar baby contract is important

Sugar dating refers to a mutually beneficial arrangement where one of the sides provides comfort and companionship, whereas the other takes care of the expenses.

SecretBenefits remains the biggest sugar dating platform with over 10 million users. Many men use reputable services like this when looking for companionship. On some platforms, you can also find forums where men share their experiences and explain what points should be mentioned in a typical sugar baby contract.

While there is no direct money exchange involved unless a sugar daddy decides to pay a monthly allowance, it’s still important to draft a contract to avoid possible misunderstanding. For writing an agreement sugar daddy format templates can be used. They are available on most platforms.

Throughout the past few years, the sugar dating industry has seen exponential traffic growth because of the lockdown imposed after the beginning of the pandemic. These days, such relationships function according to a set of unwritten rules. However, some people still want to put the terms of their arrangement on paper. Most services allow users to fill out an online form and get a ready-made contract for a specific number of credits.

When registering on a dating site, a woman is required to fill out a sugar baby application form to verify her account. There, she should indicate some basic information:

  • Name;
  • Age;
  • Email;
  • Phone;
  • Interests.

It will make it easier for sugar daddies to find her profile page. Besides, a sugar baby should upload several photos. Once her account is verified, it will appear on the catalog of profiles. 

Sugar baby terms and conditions

Many women are wondering, “What’s in a sugar baby contract?” and whether it is necessary. While some ladies are content with an oral agreement, others insist on drafting a written contract to ensure that their needs are met.

Here are key things that could be mentioned in such a contract:

  • Allowance. It’s the trickiest part of any contract between sugar daddy and sugar baby since it’s important to avoid any statement that can be considered as proof that money was paid for sexual services. In most cases, a sugar daddy states the amount of monthly allowance without specifying the services. While some men also indicate gifts and additional expenses, others omit this information and give gifts when they decide so.
  • Unforeseen circumstances. If a sugar baby gets sick, a sugar daddy may provide her with help and assistance should she need it. In sugar baby terms and conditions, it’s important to mention that a woman is not obliged to provide companionship when circumstances prevent her from it.
  • Exclusivity. Some sugar daddies prefer exclusive relationships, whereas others don’t mind if a sugar baby dates other people when she has free time.

In addition, for sugar daddy sugar baby relationships, it might be important to specify when meetings can be postponed, when one side should notify the other about a trip, and in which cases the agreement can be considered void.

Sugar daddy terms and conditions

A legal sugar daddy contract might contain personal information about both sides. However, in most cases, it’s better to avoid disclosing personal information. While a contract that doesn’t mention any specific details won’t be legally binding, it won’t be used as a ground for legal charges either.

By mutual agreement, a sugar daddy contract should contain the following information:

  • Type of sugar relationship. While some men are content with online dating, others are looking for a partner locally. The latter are more interested in long-term relationships and often expect their sugar babies to accompany them on trips.
  • Duration. It’s important to indicate the start date, specify when the sugar daddy sugar baby contract may be considered void and how long you expect this arrangement to last. Most people agree to a relationship that lasts from 6 months to 1 year.
  • Privacy. Both sides may decide to avoid disclosing sensitive information about the terms of the agreement to third parties.
  • A range of services. While sugar daddy terms might mention that a sugar baby is obliged to attend a specified number of events, it might be difficult to create a detailed list of all the services that she is expected to provide. It’s better to discuss some sexual services orally to avoid possible charges.
  • The number of dates. If a sugar daddy doesn’t have enough time, he may state how often he expects to meet a sugar baby. You may indicate the number of meetings every month, as well as the number of trips and vacations.

Whether you decide to draft a written agreement or clarify everything orally, it’s important to discuss everything in detail. In a written contract, a sugar daddy arrangement description should contain clear terms to allow both sides to be on the same page.

For a sugar daddy, this contract is important as it allows him to avoid wasting his time. If dates get canceled too often, he will have the right to terminate the agreement.

Another important thing that should be mentioned is the age of the sugar baby. In most countries, dating underage girls is a legal offense. Some women might lie about their age, which is why it’s important to clarify this issue right from the start.

What kind of arrangement is agreed to in the contract

When filling out a sugar daddy application form on a dating site, men usually indicate their name, age, the amount of money that they are willing to spend, and the physical traits that they consider to be attractive.

There are several things that most sugar couples might agree to:

  • Regular dates;
  • Escort services;
  • Compensation.

It’s better not to mention anything about a sexual relationship since it might be considered prostitution. In sugar dating, sexual activities are completely voluntary, which is why they must not be described in the contract. For instance, SecretBenefits terms state that both sides agree to use communication services and nothing more.

The frequency of interactions should be mentioned as well. Traditionally, all expenses are covered by a sugar daddy.

Summing up

When filling out an official sugar baby application, a woman usually indicates personal information about herself that can be used for drawing up a contract. While an agreement is not a necessary step for those who are interested in a sugar relationship, it makes it easier to specify what things are expected from both sides. 

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